Fish Box

A box of fish for the freezer. Restaurants use 120g - 150g as a portion size, we use a generous 150g as the minimum for ours.  All local, all sustainable, all with that hint of fresh Scottish sea flavour.  Sent frozen so simply unpack and store in the freezer for up to six months.

Last year some customers didn't have enough freezer space and some didn't want all the fish, so we listened and now you can choose.  All options below priced at 3.00 per pack.

1. Dover sole
Two packs of two 200 -300g skinned fish. Simply grill with butter and try chopping a few anchovies finely. Add to the butter and spoon over the fish on serving. They add a wonderful salty tang.

2. Monk tail fillet
Two packs of 300g fillet. A really meaty fish, cut into goujons, flour egg and bread crumb then deep fry, perfect for the younger members of the family with strong opinions!

3. Trout fillet
Two packs of two rainbow trout fillets minimum 300g each. Grill in olive oil and top with almonds.

4. Plaice fillet
Two packs of two fillets of plaice minimum 150g each. Roll around some raw king prawns, roast for 15 minutes and serve with béchamel sauce.

5. Skate wing
Two wings of 500g each. Make small slits into the wings and insert half a dozen capers grill with butter and black pepper.

6. Salmon
Two packs of two 150 g portions of salmon. A firm favourite for cooking en croute. Using puff pastry, top the salmon with a mixture of chopped fennel and grated smoked cheddar. Bake for 30 minutes and the fennel will still have a crunch but the cheese will ooze a big smile from your guests.

7. Hake
One pack of two 150g portions. A favourite of the Spaniards, try topping with chopped smoked bacon rather than chorizo. Wrap in aluminium foil bake for 10 minutes the finish under the grill to crisp the bacon.

Free delivery with frozen fish orders over 60.00
Fish Box
Product - Fish Box Price
Dover Sole   £3.00 each
Monk tail fillet   £3.00 each
Trout fillet   £3.00 each
Plaice fillet   £3.00 each
Skate wing   £3.00 each
Salmon   £3.00 each
Hake   £3.00 each
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