Sausage selection

We have chosen four completely different sausages. Smoked Venison - bold and heavy, ideal for that cold winters night with a chill in the air. Smoked chicken with bacon, lighter and great for the kids. These are just as good cold so ideal for a party too.  Lorne sausage, the traditional square sausage, ideal to fill a sandwich, which we make with vension.
The selection will contain 8 Packs of sausages:

2 x 350g Venison sausages

2 x 350g Chicken and bacon sausages

2 x 350g Game sausages

2 x 450g Lorne sausages

Price includes delivery.

(Sausages also available as individual packs - see under 'Other Smoked Foods')

Sausage selection View a larger photo of this product
Product - Sausage selection Price
Venison Sausages 350g   £4.00 each
The Sausage Selection   £35.00 each
Game Sausages 350g   £4.00 each
Chicken and Bacon Sausages 350g   £4.00 each
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