Wild Scottish Venison

A taste of the hills, wild and not an E number in sight!

Roe Haunch Slow roast but keep covered and make a gravy from the juices. Low in fat so a healthy option.

Roe shoulder Dice - For a warming stew add a variety of winter vegetables, a stock cube and water cook for a couple of hours, remember this meat is tender so cooking times are much less than beef.

Roe Haunch Steaks  Wild venison steaks cut from the very best we can find.  Fry with onion, salt and pepper as fast as you dare.

Wild Scottish Venison
Product - Wild Scottish Venison Price
Roe Haunch (min 1.7 kgs)   £25.00 each
Roe Shoulder dice 500g   £6.00 each
Red Haunch Steaks   £9.50 each
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