Wild Scottish Venison

A taste of the hills, wild and not an E number in sight!

Roe Haunch Slow roast but keep covered and make a gravy from the juices. Low in fat so a healthy option.

Half Roe saddle - Boned out this gives the loin and the fillet. These are vacuum packed as a pair, small and delicate cut into thin steaks and flash fry.

Roe shoulder dice - For a warming stew add a variety of winter vegetables, a stock cube and water cook for a couple of hours, remember this meat is tender so cooking times are much less than beef.

Wild Scottish Venison
Product - Wild Scottish Venison Price
Roe Haunch (min 1.7 kgs)   £25.00 each
Half Roe saddle (min 800g)   £20.00 each
Roe Shoulder dice 500g   £6.00 each
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