Smoked Scottish Salmon - Definition

We only sell Smoked Scottish Salmon not Scottish Smoked Salmon


Smoked Scottish Salmon is salmon from Scotland which is then smoked. Chile may produce some very good salmon but by the time they have been frozen, stacked in a container and shipped half way around the world in order to become 'Scottish smoked' freshness is not their strong point. Scottish salmon may cost a little more because of our stringent health regulations and quality control, but if you want the best choose Scottish rather than anything else.

Here at the Galloway Smokehouse we pride ourselves on our quality control. Our kilns are small allowing close monitoring of small batches, our raw materials are the best we can find and even our sawdust is specially selected. It is a by-product from a nearby cooperage, where whisky barrels are refurbished, the barrel bands are taken off and all the joints are re-planed to give a watertight seal. These shavings impregnated with whisky are burnt in the smokers to give the rich strength of taste to all of our products.

All foods are cured with salt before smoking and to balance the harshness most smokehouses add sugar. To give a fuller flavour we add dark syrup and black rum. So, with the best in raw materials, lots of love and attention and that extra special fresh Scottish air, our prize winning smoked foods are a gourmet's delight.

After smoking all of our products are vacuum packed to seal in the flavours and to seal out anything else. In this form they can be kept in the fridge of freezer without any loss of flavour. In fact having a selection of Galloway's finest produce in your freezer is always a food insurance for those emergency gourmet occasions.

So go ahead and place an order or visit our shop which is located just off the A75 at Creetown, near Newton Stewart in South West Scotland (click here for directions and map). Or why not visit the stunning area and stay in our self catering accommodation Kirkland Mill, where we will provide you with a Galloway Smokehouse welcome pack to tempt you to visit our shop and taste some more delights from South West Scotland.

In addition to our excellent range of fresh items, our shop also has a selection of locally produced jams and pickles, biscuits, ice cream, chocolate, wild life ornaments and a selection of books on fish and game cookery.

Why not visit our premises and have a look around the Smokehouse to see the traditional way of smoking food? Raw salt, golden syrup and dark rum are all used and you will be amazed at the flavour compared with the mass produced offerings. Samples are always available to try.

If you have a special request such as smoking your own fish let us know and we will smoke and slice it to your requirements.

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